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Online Workshops

Now available! Online, self-guided mini-courses that can typically be completed under 1.5 hours!

Intertwined knows that finding a safe space in which to learn and grow can be tough. That's why we have created an online workshop platform to allow you to explore important issues of awareness and inclusion in a supportive, judgment-free environment. Our mini-courses are interactive, self-guided and accessible when you're ready for them. Now more than ever we must equip ourselves to be advocates and allies in creating more tolerant and inclusive communities. Visit our online workshop portal today!

Demonstrating Empathy Amid Racial Tension

Racial tension continues to flow throughout our society. Sometimes, understanding the context beneath race issues or the seemingly inflated responses to racialized events is difficult. And certainly finding the right expressions of empathy can feel like tiptoeing through a land mine. The goal of this mini-course is to help participants develop skills to navigate racially-charged contexts and respond in ways that foster respectful and meaningful human relationships. Course includes real-life scenarios for practical experience and engagement. 

Recommended Audience: Any adult seeking to gain skills understanding and navigating race issues specifically relative to the black American experience. 

Investment: $15

Click here to be taken to our online workshop portal to enroll in this mini-course.


The non-refundable workshop fee supports the work Intertwined does to empower young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and create more inclusive communities. All funds raised are reinvested into furthering our mission.


Check back soon. More online mini-courses are coming!

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