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Our mission is to create better communities by building life empowerment skills in youth and allyship in adults.


Intertwined equips young people to rise to their full potential by becoming their most capable, authentic and empathetic selves. We believe this happens when young people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and of the world around them.


We also believe that our communities must learn to better foster inclusion and belonging in order to support the unique talents young people from diverse groups offer.

Intertwined empowers young people to build life skills to achieve self-defined success and engages members of the community to learn to amplify the talents of all. When we recognize, respect and appreciate everyone's value, only then will we work together to achieve equity and progress.

Live Intertwined.

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A Theory of Change is a tool that helps describe what we observe, and then clarifies what our response is and what we expect to see as a result of our work.

Here is Intertwined's Theory of Change. 

Our Theory of Change

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